Vision Statement

Galperin Autism Consulting works to improve the lives of persons with ASD and those who support them through training, education, and support that corresponds with the culture and learning styles of persons on the Spectrum.



  • We appreciate people with ASD for who they are.

  • We appreciate and understand the unique learning styles of persons with ASD.

  • We understand it "takes a village" and we must work together with others across environments.

  • We look at mental health through the autism lens.

  • We understand not everyone has mental illness, but everyone does have mental health.

  • We recognize no two people are alike; therefore treatment is always individually tailored.   



  • We listen

  • We assess ⇢ establish goals ⇢ make a plan ⇢ implement ⇢ reassess ⇢ make adjustments

  • We communicate and collaborate with families, teachers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, direct care staff, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and others

  • We facilitate generalization of skills across settings

  • We work to improve people with ASD's symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health issues

  • We implement individually tailored methodologies/interventions

  • We work to redirect negative patterns of thinking

  • We help people explore perspective-taking

  • We teach organizational skills

  • We teach emotional regulations skills

  • We teach communication of thoughts/feelings/needs

  • We encourage self-advocacy