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"Tom’s input was invaluable in the early years of developing the “live,learn,play, worship” farmstead model of Benjamin’s Hope. His knowledge and experience in supporting adults with autism and I/DD helped us think creatively and envision a place where adults affected by autism would thrive and grow. Tom is great to work with!"

 - Krista Mason, Executive Director, Benjamin's Hope, Holland, MI

"Tom came to my house about 5 years ago to help me live with my Autism.  Tom provided many good services, but I always remember him most as being a nice guy.  I always felt that Tom genuinely wanted to be help me.  He also understood me and what I needed; his understanding of me meant he helped me a lot, much more than many others have."

 - Nolan Westrich, Student of Aerospace Engineering, University of Cincinnati

"We started working with Tom two months ago.  We were at a crisis point with our teenage son and in need of finding a different therapist urgently. Tom did not hesitate to jump in and get started while other therapists told me they didn't feel they could help us. He listened patiently to our complex history, read through stacks of paperwork to get up speed and has been very flexible with scheduling appointments. He is very attentive to our needs - all questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.  We've turned a corner with our son and are grateful to have a therapist that also serves as a consultant with his struggles at school.  I'm thankful we were pointed into the direction of Tom!" 

 - Sherry, parent, Cincinnati, OH

"Tom is a true professional when it comes to the world of Special Education. He has a true expertise with students that have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Tom was able to assist a student with severe behaviors successfully transition into my self-contained classroom. Additionally, he was able to offer excellent insight into providing accommodations and modifications for students with moderate-to-intense disabilities."

 - Clayton Adams, Intervention Specialist, Cincinnati Public Schools

"I have been so grateful for Tom’s steadfast guidance through the process of identifying and receiving an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.  I engaged him to help our son transition back to in-person schooling after more than a year of remote schooling, and in the process, finally came to a deeper understanding of why my son struggles.  His wisdom, compassion, positivity, and experience have made a difference for my son and our family.   More than anything, my son feels accepted, respected, and safe with Tom!  Trust is everything!" 

 - Mary Kickel, parent of 11 year old with ASD, Cincinnati, OH

"My son, Zachary, has typically not responded well to the providers working with him. However Tom was able to reach him,  establishing rapport so that they could move forward and work on Zach's issues. I'd highly recommend Tom."

 - Cate Fopma, Coordinator, Autism Society of Ohio

"Tom Galperin is professional, approachable, and a wealth of knowledge. His experience and expertise in both the mental health and autism fields offer a rare combination of support to fill a much needed gap in the community.  He meets people where they are and naturally empowers people to build on innate strengths." 

 - Anne Tapia, Coordinator, Regional Autism Advisory Council, Cincinnati, OH

"Our family is greatly benefiting from working with Tom. He's been able to establish a quick and meaningful rapport with our 13 year old son AND provides kind, generous support to us as parents. Tom's deep wealth of knowledge and experience and humble approach to therapy and consultation make him easy to trust. He provides both practical suggestions and a compassionate ear. We have not seen an end to his creativity or flexibility. We would highly recommend working with Tom for parents seeking a guide, a child/teen needing a kind adult, and professionals needing to deepen their knowledge, expertise, and practice of serving kids and families with autism."

 - Kate, parent of child with ASD, Cincinnati, OH

"I had the pleasure of working with Tom for a few years in a crisis stabilization program serving children with Autism, I/DD, and complex behavior challenges.  His professionalism, organization, and knowledge regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders was a true asset to our team, community providers, and the families we served.  He listens to understand and involves himself to problem-solve effective solutions." 

 - Chrissy Dykeman, MA, LPA, BCBA, Murdoch Developmental Center, Butner, NC

Why Choose Us

We understand how Autism and Mental Health impact each other, and have experience improving Mental Health, and treating Mental Illness in the Autism population.   

We love persons on the Autism Spectrum and value them for who they are.  Our goal is to help them becomes as independent, happy, and healthy as possible.  We see Autism and its strengths as something to be cherished, not something to be "fixed."  We also love supporting the people who guide persons with Autism and want them to feel as though they are supported as well.

We're person-centered.  Rather than taking a singular approach, Galperin Autism Consulting pulls from many different methods and philosophies, including TEACCH, ABA, Autism-informed Care, Trauma-informed Care, Visual and Organizational Strategies, and many others.  Galperin Autism Consulting then implements a plan tailored for each unique person or situation.

We're virtual.  Regardless of your location, you can now access high-quality support from an experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding professional using our virtual consultation and coaching platform, which is confidential and meets HIPAA-compliant standards.

My Approach
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